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Question asked by Mark_M on Feb 10, 2015


IWP & Pulling Data from 2nd Database



Version: FileMaker Client - 12 Advanced / FileMaker Server 12


I'm working on a new document solution for Human Resources to replace the an existing process.  In the old system we printed hardcopy employment documents.  In the new system documents will be posted via a web interface (not all employees have FM client) so they can download employment letters and accept/decline contracts.


Things are going pretty well, but today I seemed to have run into a snag.  The file I'm working on (Call it "Documents") validates employee login to an external server.  Once logged in, the opening script retrieves the account name with Get(AccountName) and places that value in a global.  The IT department maintains a current employee list in a FM file they maintain (call it "Employees").  I've a relationship setup between Documents and Employees based on User ID (which is the Account Name).  The script then uses that relationship to pull the Employee ID Number associated with that User ID and the Organization Code and place them both in Global fields.  The Employee Number is then used to Limit the records that the logged in employee can only see their on documents (records).

The process works without a problem when I run it from the client side and monitor it in the Debugging Tool, including the retrieval of the Empl ID and Org ID and limiting records from view.  However when run in IWP the script will not return the Empl ID and Org ID from the external database, which means the find limitation isn't working for that employee.

Any thoughts?