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    IWP - basic functions not working



      IWP - basic functions not working


      Hi, This is the first time I have used IWP, so I may be missing something really simple. I have a database created in FMPro 10.0v3, which is hosted remotely. It's quite a straighforward database, but several things don't work in IWP (they work fine in Filemaker Pro). For instance :

      • the startup scrip doesn't run in IWP. Here's the script

             Show/hide status are [show]

             adjust window [ resize to fit]

             go to layout [partnership list(contact)]

             perform find [restore]

             sort records [restore]

            go to record / page [first]

      • records changes are saved automatically, even though all the layouts are set to not save automatically (and even though I think ALL changes should require a 'submit' button in IWP - they don't!)

      • the "send mail" scrip step doesn't execute. Other scripts work, and the selection preceding the "send mail" step works, but no mail is created.

      These seem like basics and I am at a loss. Am I missing something simple?

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          Hi again,

          I relaise that the startup script has an "adjust window" command which isn't compatible with IWP, so I guess that explains why it falls over. Oooops!

          I've also discovered that the "send mail"  script step doesn't work with an email client, so I'm now wondering if there's a way to use "open URL" with multiple email addresses (and sometimes in Bcc, rather than To), as my users want to use their own email addresses and write emails themselves, rather than have them managed within the database (which is how I think it wold have to be if I use smtp options).

          And still confused as to why the records are saved automatically....

          Appreciate any help!


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            to make your startup script working with both local client AND iwp you can use something like this...

            if [Position ( Hole ( ProgrammVersion ); "Pro"; 1; 1) > 0]

            # do the local client branch

            adjust window...

            end if

            if [Position ( Hole ( ProgrammVersion ); "Web"; 1; 1) > 0]

            # do the iwp branch

            end if

            in english it should read: get (applicationversion)

            greetings from germany


            many useful FAQs for Filemaker (oops, they are written in german)

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              Thanks kapitaen! I juct removed the offending line from the script and will let users worry about their own window size for now!

              I also figured out how to collect the email adresses from a found set and pass them to the Open URL command.

              I'm still confused about why records are being saved with no 'submit button and am going to post that as a new question.