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IWP - basic functions not working

Question asked by KW on Jan 31, 2011
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IWP - basic functions not working


Hi, This is the first time I have used IWP, so I may be missing something really simple. I have a database created in FMPro 10.0v3, which is hosted remotely. It's quite a straighforward database, but several things don't work in IWP (they work fine in Filemaker Pro). For instance :

• the startup scrip doesn't run in IWP. Here's the script

       Show/hide status are [show]

       adjust window [ resize to fit]

       go to layout [partnership list(contact)]

       perform find [restore]

       sort records [restore]

      go to record / page [first]

• records changes are saved automatically, even though all the layouts are set to not save automatically (and even though I think ALL changes should require a 'submit' button in IWP - they don't!)

• the "send mail" scrip step doesn't execute. Other scripts work, and the selection preceding the "send mail" step works, but no mail is created.

These seem like basics and I am at a loss. Am I missing something simple?