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IWP - connection issues, losing connection once on

Question asked by bridesrus on Oct 12, 2009
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IWP - connection issues, losing connection once on


I have been working on this for 3 weeks without a solution. Would appreciate any help. Have talked with internet provider, Filemaker and Apple. Here is what I have:


Working with a iMac, OS 10.5.8, Filemaker Pro 10, working with a database that has multiply relationships. I have a static IP address. My programer has created a web table for outside users. Using 591 as the port. Have set up IWP and have the web table access set. I have talked to Filemaker and everything is set up properly. My network is set property according to Apple (IP Address is internal static ip, submask is correct, and router is set to my comcast SMG router). Apple firewall allows incoming connections from fmiwppf, FM web publishing, FileMaker Pro. Windows Internet Explorer is used by my sales staff.



I am hosting the database, my sale staff need to log onto my computer to access my database. They type in my static ip plus the 591 port ( to access the IWP page and the Web Table folder.


THE PROBLEM: Some times we are able to connect and get the IWP home page and log in and use the Web Table. When this happens, usually within 5 minutes if not sooner we lose connection and get "cannot find the web page" My default time for IWP is set for 60 minutes so this should not happen. BUT more often than not we cannot even get into IWP to log on. I will try a couple of times, still not IWP page, then 5 or 10 minutes later, we get it. Once on, we don't stay.


I have replaced my web.prefs. My network prefs. Shut down the computers, SMG modem and then restarted. Usually we can get into the IWP page, log in and then again within the 5 minutes or so, knocked off.


Also when we do get on, IWP is sluggish, takes more time than I am used to when working on database direct.


Needless to say I am at a lose and would appreciate any help.