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IWP - Display Message while user waits for layout to load.

Question asked by BreitenbushIT on Jun 18, 2010
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IWP - Display Message while user waits for layout to load.


Hello Wise People,


I have a database that is accessed via Instant Web Publishing.  When users log in they see a list of buttons to click on.  The buttons take them to various reports by going to a different layout.


The issue is that some of the layouts take a few seconds to load because of large amounts of data being displayed.  I want users to see a message such as "Please wait while your report loads..." during the short wait.  This will ensure them that they did click the button and prevent them from clicking it again.  


I have tried to implement this feature by creating a layout with the message above, and having the button script first go to the message layout and then go to the report layout.  Unfortunately the script behavior is such that the message layout doesn't display to the user.  It seems like the way scripts work in filemaker is that they want to do all the script steps before they change what the user is seeing.  


Any ideas of how I can do this?