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IWP - masking fields for password change

Question asked by Wimmachine on Jul 23, 2010
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IWP - masking fields for password change


I am implementing a solution centered around FMP9 IWP.  This solution will be used by 40-50 users, and naturally they will all need to be able to change their passwords.  I have already discovered that flagging an account to force the user to change their password upon login does not work over IWP, so I am using advice from the following thread:  Changing password through IWP  to essentially make a layout/script solution for the user to change the password.  It seems like this will work ok.

However, is there any way to mask these fields so the old/new passwords aren't visible in plain text while the user is changing them?  These users will be accessing this solution via shared computers and there is very little privacy in this environment.  If I were being asked to use this solution, knowing the environment (at any one time 5-7 people + passersby could have my screen in their field of vision) I would not want to see my password change in plain text... I know the reality is that it would probably take less than 30 seconds for a user to change their password but is it possible to mask these fields somehow?