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    IWP - No databases show up



      IWP - No databases show up


      I am using Filemaker Pro 9 and cannot get any databases to show up on the IWP page on my computer. I have tried turning on and off the IWP, selecting and deselecting access restrictions, selecting and deselecting if they show up in IWP. Nothing has helped. I followed the documentation to setup IWP and still had this problem. 



      Any help would be appreciated. 



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          Thank you for your post.


          I don't know what you tried, so here are the steps I took to make it work for me.


          1. I launched FileMaker Pro 9.0v3 on one machine, and opened a database file (Test.fp7).


          2.  Pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> FileMaker Network..."


          3. I turned on Network Sharing, and I wrote down the IP address.


          4. Under "Network access to file", I selected "All Users".


          5. Click OK.


          6. Pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> Instant Web Publishing..."


          7. Turn on Instant Web Publishing.  Notice the same IP address listed.


          8. Click the "Specify" button for Advanced options.


          9. Set the TCP/IP port number to 591.  This port is reserved for FileMaker Pro.  Click OK.


          10. Under currently open files, select the file (Test.fp7 in my case), and select the radio button for "All users".  Click OK.


          11. Go to the second machine, launch a browser, and enter:


          http://<IP Address>:591


          For example:



          You should now see your file listed.


          Let me know if you run into any difficulties with any of the above steps.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            I forgot to mention that steps 2 through 5 are not necessary.  I do this out of habit.  I usually like to make sure my network is up and running first.



            FileMaker, Inc. 

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                   I experienced a similar (identical?) problem to the OP--I got only a "No databases available." error message on the nonhost machine when I tried to access the database I wanted to share. The steps you've provided above didn't work for me. Do you have any other ideas or solutions? Thanks

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                     I have same issue.