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IWP - Portforwarding  - remote access to database problems

Question asked by DamienBarber on Sep 20, 2010
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IWP - Portforwarding  - remote access to database problems



I've read a number of posts regarding issues surrounding remote access to databases through IWP but unfortuantely none of them have helped my situation

I've been trying to sort it for a few days now and am still having problems.

I can access my databases using IP address:591 through my wireless LAN and can do this on a windows laptop and ibook

The trouble is I can't do it outside of this. (I've been using my orange 3G dongle on my laptop to test it)

I have followed the port forwarding instructions set out by and have also disabled my router firewall along with windows and spysweeper firewalls for testing

I can't see what else I can do and it still isn't working!

If anyone can help I'd be very grateful. I'm currently using FM Pro11 on trial and all I need to do is give access to 1 collegue - until I can do that I can't see much point in buying.