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IWP -- Portal Behavior - Can't Create New Records

Question asked by shudder on Jan 13, 2010
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IWP -- Portal Behavior - Can't Create New Records


When working with portals in FM10 (or any previous rev that had the ability to create portals to other tables) you are shown an "empty" portal record.  Until you click in a field and enter data into it, there is no record made in the related table.  Once you do add data, you are then presented another "empty" record below the one you are entering data into.  And to create your next record you just click into the "empty" record and begin entering data.  Works a charm.


However, this is not the case with IWP.  I have found that when viewed on the web, there is not any "empty" record shown in the portal, so there is nothing for the user to click into and start entering data.


So, how do you create a record in a portal via the web?


Seems like I am just missing something, but creating a button to create a new record and placing it into the portal creates a new record in the main table, not the portal.  Also, Go to Portal Row [Next] doesn't work to create a new record either (it doesn't do anything, of course)..


I know I could create a button that takes the user over to another layout (for the related table) where a new record could be created, etc. etc., but that seems overly complex.  And really, I should be able to create a portal row right there in the portal, right?


This is from p. 29 from the fm10_instant_web_publish_en.pdf doc:


Web users can create and edit portal records. To delete a portal record, you must provide a scripted button that selects the appropriate portal record, then deletes it. 


Thanks for any help.


- Michael