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    IWP access



      IWP access


           I cannot for the life of me figure this one out, nor find anything on the forum or web. That usually means it's pretty basic, so I apologize in advance.

           I am hosing a DB on my computer for access vis IWP. I can gain access via the local IP address from within the LAN, but I cannot gain access from outside the LAN. I have tried all sorts of configurations, but cannot find an address that will take me to the DB via a web browser.

           Airport base station - port setting for FMP Web (IPv4) forwards 593 to the private IP (computer with hosted DB running) - see pictures

           I have tried http://www.myipaddress:593 (the port I have forwarded to my local IP) but that does not work. Are there any more suffix to be added?

           I know I have hosted successfully in the past, but now it does not work. PLEASE help. I'm ready to give up coffee...