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IWP and browser cookie problem?

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Nov 2, 2011
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IWP and browser cookie problem?



   Has anyone ran into issues with the IWP home page the FM publishes, and browser cookies?  We have a DB that was put up on the web and ran into a problem with certain browsers (both on Win and Mac, Firefox & Safari).  The user enters the main home page address and is presented with a list of databases to log into.  The issue is that when a user clicks on the DB to log into, on the browsers with problems it enteres an infinite loop where it just takes you back to the 'Select a DB' page.  Browsers without problems, of course, take you right to the login page.  Interestingly, it appears that IE (on Win, of course) DOESN'T have issues.


What we have discovered is that it is related to the use of cookies by the browser.  If you turn cookies OFF for the IWP site, then you can click the DB and get the log in page.  As soon as you turn cookies on (at least in the problem browsers), it starts to fail again.


Specifically, we had failures in:

    Mac - Safari (various versions)

    Win - Firefox (at least v8)


But Firefox on the Mac worked fine.  And, as mentioned, the others worked OK if you turned cookies off.  And IE 8 and 9 worked OK on Win.


We would like to be able to think that this is not going to be a problem so would like to better understand what causes the issue.