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    IWP and Email with PDF attachments



      IWP and Email with PDF attachments




      I wanted to know if IWP supports sending email with PDF attachments? I currently have my

      solution using the filemaker client. It works perfectly


      Also, does, IWP support creating user accounts or do I need to use filemaker client for that?


      Thank you for your time and expertiese.




      Using filemaker pro advanced 9 and 11 + Server advanced 9

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          Thanks for your post.


          Both the Send Mail function and the creation of new accounts are both possible only via the FileMaker Pro or Pro Advanced programs themselves. The browser does not have the capabilities to directly trigger a mail send, though you can always copy and paste any email data from the database into an email you wish to send manually. The browser also cannot make structural changes to the database, which is where you would add or modify user accounts.


          These are limitations of the browser functionality.



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