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IWP and Screen Formatting

Question asked by leedsman on Apr 18, 2012
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IWP and Screen Formatting


I am running FMP 10 and am having a problem with screen formatting when running IWP.

When searching for records using IWP and there are a large number of records to retrieve, the screen formatting sometimes loses its structure. When this happens the left hand portion of the screen (new, edit, find etc) is also affected and the user is unable to log out. In some circumstances if you can log out, then the structure of the IWP log-on screen is also affected and the 'program code' is displayed on the screen.

I have tried to do some screen prints to attach to this post, but when I do the 'Print Preview' the formatting is as expected.

I am using IE9 as my browser.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Stephen Clough