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IWP and Scripting Question

Question asked by wkparkjoe on May 7, 2010
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IWP and Scripting Question




I am working on a database where I have multiple users from multiple departments accessing and entering in specific information. Without getting too involved, I am restricting view/edit/delete access to their own specific files (either on a Get (AccountName) or another field such as department id, etc). Now the primary access for all users is IWP as it was most cost effective than giving everyone a copy of FMP. My problem is that I want to script so that when they log in and pull up the view they will see only their records as well as only be able to edit/view/delete their records and not everyone elses.


The permissions are set properly and work just fine. Now all I want to do is do a constraint find set so that when they load up the layout it will only display their records and skip all the << NO ACCESS >> records.


Can I put a OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger to execute on login of the user from IWP? If not, can I do an OnLayoutLoad instead? Finally if neither work, does anyone have a decent work around for restricting record access and display for IWP?


I am using FileMaker Pro 10 and FileMaker Server Advanced 10. Thank you.