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IWP and submit records triggers

Question asked by GretchenMuller on Jul 13, 2011
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IWP and submit records triggers


I have a very strange issue. We are using IWP to do online registration for our math conferences. I have a "Recalculate Total" button at the bottom of the page is set to "Commit Records/Requests" so that the amounts for the items (housing, guest pass, lunch tickets, etc) that people choose to register for show up as they don't show up as they are selected. I thought that I could do a script trigger after each item is modified that would do the same thing as the "Recalculate Total" button. It works fine for the first item that is modified but it won't work again unless the "Recalculate Total" button is used. Then the script trigger will work again for then next item.

The script trigger and the "Recalculate Total" button do exactly the same thing - Commit Records/Requests

Any ideas why it works as a button all the time and not as a script trigger?