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    IWP and text wrapping



      IWP and text wrapping


      I have an IWP solution with a text box set to show up to about 300 characters across three lines. It looks fine on the FileMaker layout, but from the Web, it only displays the top line and cuts off the rest. I've tried several things including confirming the Text options are set correctly. Could not find any other occurrence of this problem. Any thoughts?

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          Thank you for your post.


          What version of FileMaker Pro are you using?  What operating system?  What version of the operating system?  What browser is being used?


          With FileMaker Pro 10 on Mac OS X 10.5.8, I created a Test.fp7 database file that includes a few fields.  On the layout, I entered 300+ characters and sized the text to fit within six inches.  The contents now shows on four lines.  I turn on Instant Web Publishing.


          On a Windows XP SP3 machine, I launch Firefox and access the hosted file, and I'm able to see all four lines of the text box.


          Please let me know what I'm doing differently than you, and I will try to replicate the problem here.



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