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IWP and Web Viewer

Question asked by MilutinPetrovic on Jan 19, 2012


IWP and Web Viewer



I am new in the world of Filemaker, so pardon my ignorance!

We have a database of prodaqct, with every one containing images! So far there was only one person updating the images, so we were all using IWP localy, but now we have a problem becaose, the DB itself was moved to server, so we have problem uploading images!

So far I have developed the idea of usin WebViewer and a field showing the path to the WEB folder on the server, and in works in a FileMaker, but we are having problem displaying images. The WebViewer window is showing, but the images are not!


Does anybody have an idea how to resolve this issue!? Without purchasing additional software! 
Another thing is, is there a way to stop the sliders from showing as they dont look good in the printing!

Please help ASAP!