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IWP Cannot Start

Question asked by DPIT on Jun 6, 2010
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IWP Cannot Start


Hello Everyone!


I'm new to Database Dev and this is my first time ever dealing with IWP.


A few things to know before I explain the problem. I am currently running MAC OSX 10.5.8 on a MacBook. Filemaker Version 10.0v3. As well as FMS 10 Advanced. The Database is on a remote server which I have remote access to, and I have a local copy of FMP where I do my work and then FMS is on the server obviously. 


Okay, so when I go into Sharing and try and turn on IWP it says that there is a conflict on port number 80, so I plugged in port 591 and it seem to accept it, but then it says that IWP cannot share files because IWP cannot be started.  On FMS the "button" next to IWP on the admin console is red, which I am assuming that means not working. I have tried turning IWP on but nothing happens. Like I said I am VERY new to all this, and will need to be led by the hand. Thanks in Advance


I have looked around now for a little while. I have found a few people reference deleting different Preference files. I have done that and it still does not work. Someone said that a reinstall worked for him( I haven't tried that yet) and someone else said stop using iChat, which I never use so that wasn't it. 


Is there something else out there that I can do or try before doing the reinstall. Thanks to everyone!

Also, I am expecting everyone to ask for more information. So Please Please don't hesitate to ask if you think you might be able to help!


Thanks Again!

Daniel P.