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    IWP Cannot Start



      IWP Cannot Start


      Hello Everyone!


      I'm new to Database Dev and this is my first time ever dealing with IWP.


      A few things to know before I explain the problem. I am currently running MAC OSX 10.5.8 on a MacBook. Filemaker Version 10.0v3. As well as FMS 10 Advanced. The Database is on a remote server which I have remote access to, and I have a local copy of FMP where I do my work and then FMS is on the server obviously. 


      Okay, so when I go into Sharing and try and turn on IWP it says that there is a conflict on port number 80, so I plugged in port 591 and it seem to accept it, but then it says that IWP cannot share files because IWP cannot be started.  On FMS the "button" next to IWP on the admin console is red, which I am assuming that means not working. I have tried turning IWP on but nothing happens. Like I said I am VERY new to all this, and will need to be led by the hand. Thanks in Advance


      I have looked around now for a little while. I have found a few people reference deleting different Preference files. I have done that and it still does not work. Someone said that a reinstall worked for him( I haven't tried that yet) and someone else said stop using iChat, which I never use so that wasn't it. 


      Is there something else out there that I can do or try before doing the reinstall. Thanks to everyone!

      Also, I am expecting everyone to ask for more information. So Please Please don't hesitate to ask if you think you might be able to help!


      Thanks Again!

      Daniel P.

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          Thanks for your post,


          Are you using a default configuration of Apache on the server, or are you hosting other websites? Filemaker is designed around a default configuration, so resetting your apache might allow the IWP engine to start properly. Also, was the Apache installed and running prior to installing FileMaker Server Advanced? FileMaker wil only successfully detect the Apache service if it is installed and running prior to installing FileMaker.


          What type of deplyment did you do for Filemaker Server Advanced?


          What kind of procesor and how much RAM do you have on the machine? Are there any other programs running on this system? Verifying this can give us an idea if system resources are available to start the web engine properly.


          If you are hosting the file through FileMaker Server, then that will take care of the IWP sharing, and you would not need to enable the sharing in FileMaker Pro. When editing the server deployment through the Admin Console of FMSA, and enabling IWP, does it list Apache in the dropdown list. If so can you successfully test connect? In the admin Console's overview select Edit Server deployment to the lower right of the component status box, select the option to enable web publishing and click next. Select the check box to enable IWP and hit next again, then confirm the deployment type and click next again. this will bring you the the dropdown showing the installed web service. Select the serveice and click next to perform the test connection. If you don't see Apache listed then fileMaker server is not detecting Apache running. If the test connect fails it willl display an error message stating what failed during the test.


          Please keep me updated on this issue.



          FileMaker Inc.



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            Thanks of getting back to me!


            I am using the default Apache Settings. I didn't do anything to change them, so I'm figuring that they are set to default. I will double check with my boss, but I am pretty sure that everything is default. How do I restart Apache? FMS(Now version 11)detects apache, it is the only option in the "Edit Server Deployment" screen.  I am not sure what you mean by deployment type, I am trying to deploy via IWP, but you already know that so I must not fully understand the question.


            My Local Machine is a Macbook Solid Body with:


            2GHz Intel core Duo, 2GB Ram 120GB HD with about 45GB free. I am running 10.5.8, I don't usually have anything running besides iCal, Mail, skype and Oh Yeah! We use JungleDisk for back ups and secure file transfer! Could that be it?


            The Remote Machine is a Mac Mini with:


            1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo, 1.5GB Ra,. 80GB HD with about 58GBs free it's running 10.6.2. This is our server and doesn't really do anything else, Although it also uses JungleDisk. The Firewall is always on on this one, but during early trouble shooting of this problem I have tried turning it off, but that doesn't help.


            I am having problems with FMS11(And 10 before I upgraded, hoping upgrading would fix it)  and can't deploy the database from FMS11. Here is a thread that I contributed to about my FMS11 issue, please read. Thanks!




            Hope you can help, and please think of the simplest things, like I said I'm new to all this and am kinda fumbling in the dark right now. Needs as much help and instructions as I can get! Thank you!! Maybe in a year or so I will be back here helping other people! Can't wait to be able to do that! Thanks again!!


            Daniel P.





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              Apple support can provide the reset commande, but if you are not hosting other websties from your server machine, then it should still be in its default settings in theory. Also verify it was installed and running prior to installing FileMaker Server Advanced. My guess would be that it was or it would not be detected by the deployment assistant.


              As for the deployment type I apologize for the confusion. When deploying FMS you have the option of deploying as a single machine, two machine or three machine deployment type depending on where you want the various components of the web hosting to reside. If you are deploying as a multi-machine deployment then see if it works normally on a single machine deployment. This may give us another idea to work with. For specific details on the different deployment types the Getting Started guide covers the 4 types of deployment.


              If the Mac mini is the server machine on which FMSA is installed then resources are a concern. The recommened system RAM is 2 GB, with 80 GB of hard drive space available prior to installing FMSA. The processor is also rather low. Since FMSA is not a multithread software only one of your cores would be utilized and 1.83 GHz is tight on that front. If you have a more robust machine on which to install FMSA I would recommend doing so as a test. Any 2.5 GHz dual core systems should have sufficient processing power, and having 2 GB of RAM would also be a good spec to test with. Please note that the ideal is to have a machine with these specs that is not running anything else besides FMSA. If you want to run other applications, add their RAM requirements to those I just mentioned to make sure you have enough system resources for all installed applicaitons. Also, make sure the processing requirements are in line with the program needing the highest amount of processing power for the same reason.


              Turing off the firewall was a good step to take, and usually indicates that the port is not being blocked. To be safe, though, use your network utility to do a port scan on port 80 for the server's IP address. This should verify that the port is open on the server and accessible by FMSA. The network utility is in the utilities subfolder in applicaitons, and port scan is the last tab on the right. Doing this from either machine is a functional test, and doing this test from both machines will make sure we aren't seeing another underlying issue. Both should see the port 80 as available, listening or established.


              If when you are trying to deploy you are getting the error codes mentioned in the thread you linked in your post then that gives me a path to look at. If you are getting a different error message when trying to deploy please let me know so I can look at the right path towards resolution, as there are a plethora of error messages that can indicate a number of different things going wrong.


              Please keep me posted with any updates.



              FileMaker Inc.

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                Hello TSRaven!


                Thanks for your replies!


                I am double checking to see when Apache was installed. I 99% sure that is was installed before FMS, because I installed FMS and Apache was already there. So it must have been installed before FMS.


                Ahh! Deployment type! I did know what you were talking about! We're just deploying as a single machine, that is what I have selected now.


                Okay, thanks for the heads up on systems stats. Thats all we have for right now, but maybe we can throw some more ram in it and upgrade when we get the chance! Do you think that the low system specs is what's causing the problem?


                I ran the port can and sure enough port # 80 is open it says          Open TCP Port:   80  HTTP       So I am assuming that is good.


                On FMS11 (On the MacMini Server) when I click on Web Publishing I get the message "The Web Publishing Engine is not available. To Configure web publishing, please start the web publishing engine first ". But When I try to start the engine by going through the server deployment setup up I get this message "Deployment/Configuration error - 150 starting the WPE(wpe1) component failed: error code = 2504".


                And on my computer, on FMP10 whenever I go into the database(which is on the server, and I am accessing it remotely) and in the "sharing" window I click to turn on IWP and I get the message "FileMaker cannot share files over the Web because Instant Web Publishing could not be started."




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                  Yes, if the Apache was selectable during the initial deployment then it was very likely up and running prior to installing FMSA. Single machine deployment also rules out some things that can occur during a multiple machine deployment.


                  The system specs could be preventing the additional processes for the web publishing to start. That is a concern at this point that we would definitely lie to see addressed as it can impact overall server performance. The RAM amount you have now is still over the bare minimum needed, but boosting it to compensate somewhat for the slower processor could help.


                  On your FileMaker Pro machine you would not want to turn on IWP for remote files. It is only meant for use with local files and sharing a file residing on another system is a serious corruption risk. This also not being something you can start, however, does complicate things as that is a seperate issue from the IWP components of FMSA. If you are unable to start both then that gives us 2 seperate issues to look at. For the Pro machine do the same port scan you did on the server and try an uninstall and reinstall of the software. My guess is that the port is open as that would generate a specific port conflict message if the port you were using is blocked, but it's a good idea to verify this as well.


                  As for the FMSA error code itself, I am working with our support team to find more information. We are still collecting data about this error and troubleshooting it is proving complex. So that I don't give you steps to try that you may already have attempted, what troubleshooting have you done so far to resolve this issue?



                  FileMaker Inc.

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                    Not to much really, the only thing I have really done is to update to FMS11 and turn off and on the Firewall.


                    For the FMPro issue I read somewhere that that deleting a web.pref files.  (Hard Disk -> Applications -> FileMaker Pro 10 -> Extensions -> Web Support -> web.prefs) but that didn't help either.

                    Could it be application conflict? Like mail, skype, adium, JungleDisk, or Daylight? Those are all program that I use fairly regularly that use the internet.


                    Thanks for your work and time on this!


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                      Found this link, thought I would post it to see if would help with the trouble shooting. 




                      Hope that it is okay that I post links to other FMforums.


                      Daniel P.



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                        Thanks for the updates.


                        Posting to other forums is fine if it contains useful information. I read that thread and while extreme that is an option. I would recommend performing the same tests suggested in that thread to see if Apache is running normally. Go to the server machine itself and in a browser use the URL If you get the under construction page from Apache it is running normally and in the default configuration. If you get an error or any other page then it either isn't running or is not in the defelaut configuration. If you do get the construction page change the URL to reflect your actual IP and verify it shows up there as well.


                        If you get any kind of error or nothing is found at the above URL then something is going wrong with the Apache service and FMS can't utilize it correctly. Since we are gathering info, if you do get any errors or the page can't be found, please let me know the specifics to pass on to our developers and QA departments so we have more information to look at.


                        If the Apache is listed in your Activity Monitor (should show as http) on the server and you are unable to get to the contruction page you wil need to have Apple support or Apache support assist in getting this up and running first and in its default configuration. Once you get to the under contruction page my next suggestion would be an uninstall and reinstall of the FMSA software. This should save you from a full OS reinstall. For reference I included a link to the getting started guide below. Chapter 5 covers uninstall instructions.




                        Please keep me updated on this issue.



                        FileMaker Inc.

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                          I tried both and the servers IP and both gave the the same "page" if that is what you call it. And all the page said was "It Works!"


                          I'm assuming that it is a good thing, but not sure. You didn't mention that as an option in your last post so I was a little surprised when it popped up.  

                          I looked for Apache in my activity monitor. I think I found it, It was titled "httpd" rather then just http but I figured that was probably the one. But I was able to use the above address with out any problems so not sure if this information is relevant at all, but I thought I would toss it in.


                          Hope that covered everything. Sorry if this is disjointed, can't seem to think or type right now.

                          Thank You!

                          Daniel P.



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                            Yes getting ithe "It works!" page also indicates it is working normally. I was mostly trying to see if an error page or another website page came up as that would have indicated either a problem or a non-default configuration in the Apahe. Neither seems to be the case, so that is taken out of the equasion.  And the httpd is the correct process, I simply forgot to add the d at the end.


                            My next set of tests are mostly to rule things out, but try them anway. Go back to your network utility and do some additional scans on the server machine. Scan both the IP and you server's IP address on all of the porst listed below:







                            all even numbered ports between 16006-16018




                            Both Ips should show the same type of results as the port 80 you tested earilier. This will rule out all port conflicts server could be seeing except for the ODBC port, which wouldn't be a factor here.


                            Assuming all of the ports above are shown as open/listening/available then perfomr an uninstall and reinstall of the FMSA software. For uninstall stop all processes for FMSA then run the installer again and choose the uninstall option. Once this is done navigate to <HD>/Library/Filemaker and remove any leftover components of the Filemaker directory, including the directory itself. Note this will delete any databases and backups you have so move these out first if any are present.


                            If any of the above ports are closed (i.e. the port scan starts, then stops without listing the port(s) in the scan) then Navigate to Applications/Utilities/activity monitor and list any processes you have running under the user fmserver (show all processes in the top right of the window to verify and sort on the user header to consolidate the list). this might indicate one of the processes might not be running correctly, which can happen in lower end systems.


                            Keep me updated with any results you receive.



                            FileMaker Inc.

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                              Sorry this has taken me so long to do, just haven't had the time.

                              Here are the results, 

                              Ports-                   Results-

                              5003                    Safari Can't open page - Because Server unexpectedly dropped the connection

                              16000                  FMS 11 Console Page

                              16001                  Downloads "Unknown" file (14bytes)

                              16004                  Can't open page - because server unexpectedly dropped connection

                              16006-16016     Cannot Connect to server because Safari can't connect to server 127:0:01

                              16018                  Can't open page - because server unexpectedly dropped connection

                              50003                  Can't open page - because server unexpectedly dropped connection        

                              50006                  Safari Can't connect to server


                              And they are all the same, no matter what I use or my personal IP.



                              Daniel P.

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                                Hey TSRaven!

                                How is everything going? Any more suggestions? What should I do next?

                                Thanks! Daniel P.

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                                  Sorry for the delay, I had some unexpected issues on my end as well.

                                  To clarify on this, I actually wanted to see the results in your port scan function of your network utility. Safari won't test them correctly as they are not all ports used for web sharing, and thus aren't available to Safari.

                                  Go to Applications/Utilities and open the Network Utility, then select the Port scan on the far left. Scan the ports in sequence as previously noted in this thread on both IPs and let me know the results.

                                  I'll try to be more prompt in my return responses.


                                  FileMaker Inc.

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                                    Ah! that makes more sense! Sorry about that I misunderstood, you put it in there plain as day and I messed it up. Sorry bout that.

                                    Okay here are the proper results for my IP

                                    Open TCP Port: 80 HTTP

                                    Open TCP Port: 5003 fmpro-internal

                                    Open TCP Port: 16000

                                    Open TCP Port: 16001

                                    Open TCP Port: 16004

                                     Nothing for 16006 - 16018

                                    Open TCP Port: 50003

                                    Open TCP Port: 50006 

                                    And for it the same

                                    I also am just updating to FMS11v2.



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