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IWP Display Issues in Firefox

Question asked by BreitenbushIT on Mar 7, 2009
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IWP Display Issues in Firefox




I am using Instant Web Publishing for a few databases across my local network.  Most users are using Firefox 3.0.1 and some are using Safari 3.2.1.   The issue is that the databases look different from each other in either program.  Firefox doesn't seem to recognize up and down text alignment for items in a field.  All text in fields is aligned to "top" and it looks weird compared to both Safari and FMP (Safari is a little different from FMP but not as much as Firefox).  


Anyone have a clue why this would be an issue?  


I wanted to include a few screen shots, but I see that to insert images I have to have them hosted on a site somewhere and I don't have time to set that up right now.


Thanks for any help,