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IWP Does not give an error the first time I hit submit when a required field is left blank

Question asked by CCPS on Jan 21, 2010
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IWP Does not give an error the first time I hit submit when a required field is left blank


I am making a helpdesk database for my company.  I have it published to the web via IWP.  I have the Status Area hidden from the users, so I had to create my own Submit button. The script for it is:


Commit Records/Requests []

Go to Layout ["Successful Submit" (helpdesk 2)]


This is supposed to submit the record and take the user to a page that tells them the ticket has been submitted successfully and gives them a couple options.  However, whenever one of the required fields is left blank, I have to hit the Submit button two times before it will tell me there is an error.  I only have to click it once if everything is filled in or if I am using the client.  Also, if text is put into the field that requires numbers only and everything else is completed properly, it will give me that error with one click on Submit. 


I have tried deleting and recreating the script, but that did not work.  The users have to click on another button called Submit Ticket in order to get to the page to enter their information.  I currently have this set up to commit the record as soon as it switches to the page where they enter the information.  This way, when they click Submit, it has already tried to commit the record once, so it gives them the error with one click of Submit.  However, if they leave fields blank a second time, they are forced to click Submit twice to see the error, which may result in tickets not getting entered.  Basically, it seems like it needs to attempt to commit the record twice in order for it to give an error due to an empty required field.  


Thank you in advance.


(P.S. I am using Windows XP SP2 & Filemaker Pro 10.0v3)