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IWP doesn't load PDF

Question asked by paolobkk on Jun 13, 2013
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IWP doesn't load PDF


     Hi everyone,

     I've been looking for an answer to this weird problem but then I've decided to post it here:

     I have a Customer database related to a Contracts table (Contracts table is in another related fm file). The users can upload the PDF of the contracts thru a portal in the Customer layout.

     After the upload we can see the small image in the portal of the PDF (the container field generates the thumbnail).

     I've duplicated that field and placed outside the portal, where I can see and interact with the PDF.

     Everything is working well in FMPRO but in IWP it's only showing the PDF thumbnail in the portal but not the other field.

     In Safari it keeps on loading and in Chrome is showing the file name like a link, but when I click , it get lost on loading.  (see picture).

     Am I forgetting some settings somewhere?


     Thank you for any suggestion