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    IWP feild entry is difficult



      IWP feild entry is difficult


      My IWP users are reporting that it is difficult to "Click" into a feild using IWP.


      What is the best feild format for this?

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          Hi bosshammer,

          Thanks for posting!  I think the field format is relational to your solution; it may be beneficial if we go over what field(s) the users are having problems with in IWP along with addressing the behaviors of the issue (the users have the ability to eventually access the field or if they are locked out, any difficulty in other aspects of the database).


          A good test would involve creating a brand new empty database and adding one text field. Host it over IWP and have the users re-create the issue.  This can possibly point us toward an issue with the original database solution, the network, etc.


          Keep me posted and let me know how everything works out!



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            What I mean is;


            When a user tries to mouse click into a text feild on a IWP hosted form the only way he is successfull is if he clicks directly on the left boarder of the feild. We have found that It seems a bit easier if the feild has a engraved format.


            However, I wanted to know if there is a format that allows them to click directly into the center of the feild.

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              Hi bosshammer,

              Thanks for the clarification.  The None, Engraved, Embossed, and Drop Shadow should allow the users to click directly in the center of the field without issue.  Although this is not your current experience, I think the behavior of the field clicking is most likely a precursor to a different issue.  I went ahead and performed some tests, but I had trouble replicating the issue that you are experiencing.


              This is what I tested: 

              I created a brand new database with three text fields: None, Engraved, and Embossed.  I then applied the proper formatting to match the field name i.e. the 'Engraved' field was set to Effect > Engraved, etc.


              I then created a similar database file so that I could have my Win XP sp3 machine and my Mac 10.5.5 machine each host their own copy via IWP using FileMaker Pro Advanced v3.


              From the Mac machine, I connected to the Win XP hosted file and then the Mac hosted file using the following browsers: 

              -Safari 3.1.2

              -Firefox 3.0.1 

              From the Win machine, I connected to the Mac hosted file and then the Win hosted file using the following browsers: 

              -Internet Explorer 6.0 

              -Firefox 3.0.1 


              In each test and with each browser, I did not come across any issue moving my mouse over the middle of each field and successfully clicking on it.  I went back and added 1 pt. borders and still did not have any issue clicking in the center of the field.  I've also gone back to other databases that I access through IWP and have not come across this type of behavior.  Is there anything in this particular test that is different to your current configuration?  Let me know how you've got your configuration set up and I can try a more accurate test in-house.


              In the meantime, I would again suggest the creation of a new test database with a field or two just to rule out the possibility that the issue is solution related.


              Keep me posted!


              FileMaker, Inc.