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    IWP field question



      IWP field question


      I'm new to FileMaker so this question might be a bit silly to some, but I'm baffled.


      I'm building a database that will be accessible to up to 100 people.  There will be a master questionnaire, that when filled out, the database will tell the user what grants they are able to get.  i.e.. Depending on the fields filled in, and the values in the fields, different applicants can get different grants. The applicants won't be accessing the database, representatives will fill out the applications for them (sorta like an interview).


      My main problem is, I need all the representatives (<=100) to be able to update the database in terms of grants. Every year new grants become available, so new questions might need to be asked on the master questionnaire.


      Is it possible for a web user to add a new field to a layout. Is there a round about way of getting this done?


      Also, some scripting will have to be added, so that when the updated master questionnaire form is filled out, the new grant will show up (if all required prerequisites are met). Again online!!


      Let me know if this is impossible or I just don't have the skills yet.



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          I suggest taking a different design approach. Make each question a separate record. Then adding a question is simply a matter of adding a new record instead of adding a new field.

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            I'm not sure how that would work. Say I had a table called "Application Questions" with one field called "newQuestion". When the user enters a new question as a record. (i.e. record 1: newQuestion= First Name, record 2: newQuestion= Last Name, ... ) how is the interviewer then supposed to fill out the form for a grant applicant. There is no table with all the fields, just records with the application questions titles as input.


            Any thoughts?

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              To see all or a group of questions at one time, you'd display your records in list view or through a portal. That way you can see multiple records at once.


              To show a given individual their grant application, you find all the records with their ID stored in a field in each "question" record.

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                I like this idea. But, when the interviewer sits down with an applicant to go through the questions, I can't imagine how this would be displayed. I would want it in the form style, since it is an application form, but from the way you put it this wouldn't be possible. Also, there could be over 100 questions (with the possibility of more being added every year).


                Also note, when the form is filled out, I need specific grants to show up easily (like with a value list) to the interviewer. So, for example, if all the fields were filled out except for fthe applicants marks, I would need to only show the interviewer what grants don't ask for marks. (Low income family grant).

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                  All of this can easily be handled with a list view or possibly a portal that displays your records for you. YOur interviewer would simply click a button and/or select a value from a drop down to select a specific application and only those questions and the applicant's responses would be brought up on the screen.


                  Here's an extremely simplified demo of the concept:



                  This demo uses a portal, but a list view with applicant name fields placed in the header could also be set up.

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                    Thank you so much!! It all makes more sense now!! Sorry I was confused there.

                    I really appreciate your time and patience :)