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IWP field question

Question asked by hilary123451 on Apr 22, 2010
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IWP field question


I'm new to FileMaker so this question might be a bit silly to some, but I'm baffled.


I'm building a database that will be accessible to up to 100 people.  There will be a master questionnaire, that when filled out, the database will tell the user what grants they are able to get.  i.e.. Depending on the fields filled in, and the values in the fields, different applicants can get different grants. The applicants won't be accessing the database, representatives will fill out the applications for them (sorta like an interview).


My main problem is, I need all the representatives (<=100) to be able to update the database in terms of grants. Every year new grants become available, so new questions might need to be asked on the master questionnaire.


Is it possible for a web user to add a new field to a layout. Is there a round about way of getting this done?


Also, some scripting will have to be added, so that when the updated master questionnaire form is filled out, the new grant will show up (if all required prerequisites are met). Again online!!


Let me know if this is impossible or I just don't have the skills yet.