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IWP help with Container Field

Question asked by Mark_M on Feb 2, 2015
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IWP help with Container Field




12 Advanced Client (I work in Windows, but most of the people I support are on MACs)

12 Server (I know very little about the server side, the IT department manages that, the Server is running Windows)



Need to replace the contents of a container field displayed in IWP either through (a) IWP click even or (b) scheduled updates.


Old Process:

I’ve used FM for over a decade to manage what we call our “Reelection Process” for about 3,000 employees (EE).  Each year I download the relevant data from our Human Resources Management System (Oracle) and “Seed” a new file for the next school year.  We track salary changes, promotions, demotions, lateral transfers, resignation, retirements, etc. – basically anything that changes the conditions of employment for each EE.  Toward the end of may I print paper employment documents (about 17,000-18,000 sheets of paper) that we then QA and stuff into 9x12 envelopes to send out to the schools/departments.  About 2,000 of them are contracts that must be signed and returned and we use FM to track those returns.


New Process:

I’m starting from scratch and have been redesigning the system with two major improvements,  The first is the use a date track system so that the file will contain multiple years instead (1 EE: N records) vice the old system which was 1 EE:1 Record.  In the old system the paper personnel file was the “record of truth”, in the new system the record of truth is electronic.  The second improvement is the one where I’m having trouble.  The new process will be similar to the old one but instead of physically printing the paper documents, they will be placed in a container field.  Through and IWP interface the EE logins into their account and is presented with a historical list of their employment documents.  Documents are displayed as “No Action Required” or “Accept/Decline” for contracts.  Once a person either accepts or declines the contract the status display is updated to “No Action Required” and the accept/decline buttons are removed.


Once a contract is accepted or declined I capture the User ID of the logged in individual, the data/timestamp of the action, and set a status that tells me the document needs replacement.


Desired Outcome:

Here is what I was hoping to do, but there seems to be a limit on functionality in that IWP interfaces can’t upload documents into container fields.

1.  The preferred option is that when the EE clicks accept/decline in the IWP interface a script deleted the current “unsigned” document and replaces it with the “signed” document.

2.  Another option would be to have a scheduled server side script that would find updated records and then loop through to replace the container field.  When the EE logs in later they then see the “signed” copy of the document.


Any ideas about how to get around the software limitation?