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    IWP Home Page does not work from DNS re-direct



      IWP Home Page does not work from DNS re-direct


      We have a file published successfully using IWP.

      - Using the public IP address (123.456.789.0:591) to access it works perfectly.  The home page launches and a hyperlinked image 'Click to open the file' on the customised home page continues to the standard IWP log-in page correctly.

      - To make the IP more user-friendly we put on forwarding from a domain name to 123.456.789.0:591.  The forwarding works perfectly.  Go to www.MyIWPFile.co.uk and the same customised home page is displayed, with the hyperlinked image.

      - Clicking on the hyperlinked image only sends the browser back to the same page - it will not proceed to the log-in page.

      - Hovering the mouse over the image shows the correct hyperlink

      - Right-clicking on the image and using 'Open link in new tab' (for example) works correctly.

      - Opening the same page in the same browser on two tabs, one opened using 123.456.789.0:591 and the other opened using www.MyIWPFile.co.uk will display exactly the same 'Welcome' page, and mouse-overs show the hyperlinks to be the same.

      - But clicking on the button on the 123... page will proceed to the log-in page, but clicking on the www-accessed page will only re-draw the same page.

      Can anyone give me a pointer as to where to look?
      FM11, Safari on Mac and Firefox on PC produce identical results.


      Edit: have tried to redirect www.MyIWPFile.co.uk to http://123.456.789.0:591/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_auth.html and produces exactly the same results.

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          I have determined the cause, and a work-around, but I am still surprised by the way it works.

          The DNS forwarding was by 'mask', so when the user logged on to www.MyIWPFile.co.uk they saw that address in their browser address bar.  When the forwarding was changed to be by 301 permanent (or 302 temporary) then it works.

          I can only assume that every time a subsequent call makes a reference to 123.456.789.0 then it re-refers back again to the DNS - but that seems really strange and unnecessary - almost like a reverse lookup.  And I can't see why right-click should make a difference to the functionality.