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IWP Home Page does not work from DNS re-direct

Question asked by Sorbsbuster on Sep 7, 2012
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IWP Home Page does not work from DNS re-direct


We have a file published successfully using IWP.

- Using the public IP address (123.456.789.0:591) to access it works perfectly.  The home page launches and a hyperlinked image 'Click to open the file' on the customised home page continues to the standard IWP log-in page correctly.

- To make the IP more user-friendly we put on forwarding from a domain name to 123.456.789.0:591.  The forwarding works perfectly.  Go to and the same customised home page is displayed, with the hyperlinked image.

- Clicking on the hyperlinked image only sends the browser back to the same page - it will not proceed to the log-in page.

- Hovering the mouse over the image shows the correct hyperlink

- Right-clicking on the image and using 'Open link in new tab' (for example) works correctly.

- Opening the same page in the same browser on two tabs, one opened using 123.456.789.0:591 and the other opened using will display exactly the same 'Welcome' page, and mouse-overs show the hyperlinks to be the same.

- But clicking on the button on the 123... page will proceed to the log-in page, but clicking on the www-accessed page will only re-draw the same page.

Can anyone give me a pointer as to where to look?
FM11, Safari on Mac and Firefox on PC produce identical results.


Edit: have tried to redirect to http://123.456.789.0:591/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_auth.html and produces exactly the same results.