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IWP home page Javascript taking over whole window

Question asked by AndrewRapp on Apr 2, 2012


IWP home page Javascript taking over whole window



I've created a DB that I am publishing via IWP.  I would like to embed it in an iFrame on our corporate web site.  I have created a custom page by backing-up and then editing the iwp_home.html file.

But, when that is loaded into the iframe is takes over the whole browser window.  I believe this is caused by the opening Javascript functions in the iwp_home.html file:

if( window != )
top.location = "/fmi/iwp/cgi?-home";
if( == "iwp_sort" )
var srch =;
if( srch.length )
srch = srch + "&";
srch = "?";
var visibilityOn = false;
var visibilitySuffix = "&-visibility";

However, I don't know enough about Javascript to fix this, and I'm concerned just deleting lines will have unforeseen effects.

Can anyone suggest how the Javascript could be changed to keep the homepage (and then subsequent pages) from taking over the whole browser window?