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IWP host vs. remote differencs

Question asked by Indy14 on Mar 22, 2010
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IWP host vs. remote differencs


I'm testing Filemaker Pro 11 on a Mac with OS 10.6.2.
I have a DB on my host machine and clicked on IWP to try IWP.
I can get to the DB and add or change records from the remote Mac running OS 10.6.2.
I have three problems.
1. I have an "Auto-enter Calculation replacing value" that works on the host but not work on the remote. (result filed is not filled.)
2. I have 4 fields with "By Value List" and have NOT checked the "include arrow to show and hide list". On the host the arrows do NOT show, on the remote they show with the arrow and a field definition area.
3. I have 2 buttons defined as rounded and they show as rounded on the host, but show as rectangular on the remote.
I'm new at this, so any suggestions would be appreciated.