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IWP Issue - Using Classic Theme STILL won't view

Question asked by MichaelThale on May 29, 2012
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IWP Issue - Using Classic Theme STILL won't view


Hi there,

So I have built out a database that is very heavy on GUI for our iPad interactions.  However, I would like people to access our database via my public IP address.  I am wondering if you can specify just one particular layout to be used for the remote access.  I have created a classic theme layout using all the same elements as the other layouts (with more complex themes) and I still get an error message stating that I need to have a classic themed format.  

To see if it would work a pre-made starter solution, i did the same thing, and I STILL get the same error message.


I am not super script savvy nor techinical but would really appreciate anyones help on this matter.