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    IWP Issues - a few questions about why things do not work right after publishing



      IWP Issues - a few questions about why things do not work right after publishing


      i've published my DB and am looking through the various layouts. i notice that some of the layouts are not appearing or appearing correctly, for example:

      1- the checkboxes i set up to toggle on off on a products page do not appear, making this page useless, since the on or off state helps users to know if a particualr record (customer) has ceratin products or not

      2- the "notes" field i have which allows creation and/or deletion of notes from a record does not work with IWP

      3- the conditional formating i have on some fields - specifically a colored BG i use to indicate whether this field is empty or needs filling does not appear. only the BG color used to show a completed field works

      4- the graphic logo i imported into my layout appears as a white and black box only. locally it appears fine

      5- the "swap address" and "clear address" buttons i created do not work with IWP 


      can someone help to explain how i can make sure these features will also work online? if a user on another pc on the network can change most fields, why do some functions not work? is there a way to set specifically what will work in IWP?


      many thx for any help 

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          My frustrating experience was in FMP8. 


          Most important, when editing or creating a script, there is a checkbox "indicate web compatibility". Will dim scriptsteps that are not compatible.


          Second, fields sometimes need to be slightly bigger on the WebView Layout to display correctly (especially checkboxes and radio buttons).


          Third - (maybe), the fields should be in one column or two columns. Remember that FMP is taking forms and turning them into Javascript for display in a web browser.

          Different browsers on different OS's will display differently.


          Most of the info on formatting an IWP Layout, gave generalities and "try different things" advice.

          I would look at Links 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 on the first page of this Google. Especially, the posts on the IWP Subforum.



           Important Images can either be stored inside the database itself or, for best performance, stored as file reference using a relative path. If you’re hosting the database with FileMaker Pro, referenced image and movie files must be stored in the Web folder, in the FileMaker Pro folder.


          Good Luck