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IWP Issues - files remaining from FMS trial?

Question asked by craig5005 on Jul 16, 2010
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IWP Issues - files remaining from FMS trial?


I am trying to get IWP working on a new machine (OS X 10.5.8) I am using.  I have installed various trials (FMS 10/11 and FMP 10/11) on this computer before purchasing FMP Adv.  Now when I try to start IWP I get the message "Filemaker Pro cannot start Instant Web Publishing because Filemaker Server or another instance of FileMaker Pro is running on this machine."

Is there some files that remain on the computer when you uninstall previous trials?  Do these old files make FM think another copy is running?

Any idea how to fix this?


Also - has anyone noticed that when you use google (or any other search engine I imagine) to find FM help that all the links are broken since the change to the new forum design.  I wonder if Filemaker Forums is noticing a drop in web traffic because of this.