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    IWP link to external site without browser warning?



      IWP link to external site without browser warning?



      My client would like some dynamic links (URLs) in the IWP database I've built for them.  These links would be a set base address + serial number of the current record, and take you to another site.

      I've tried the Open URL script step attached to a button but that causes the browser (Safari, Firefox) to issue a warning about pop-up windows and ignore the command.

      Thoughts on a solution which doesn't involve fiddling with browser settings appreciated (client wants to log in from anywhere).
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          Thank you for your post.


          I have "Block pop-up windows" checked in my Options for Firefox.  Yet, when I have a button to execute the script step Open URL, the web page opens in a new tab on Firefox.  On Safari, in order to open a URL, you would need to disable popup blocking.


          Another option would be to have a Web Viewer.  This will display a web page within a record.



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            I am several years late to this thread, but since my issue is relevant and since this thread appears rather high up in the Google search results, it is worthy of my time posting here.

            As you know, now in 2015, mobile browsers dominate.  It is foolish for us to ignore them.  It is foolish for us to just flippantly say, "Just disable popup blockers."  And in this era where we SHOULD disable those popups, nothing need more be said on that point.


            1) Is there a new version of FM Pro that will allow me, using IWP, to create a button-link whereby I can open that link in the EXISTING window, rather than in a new Window/Tab?  That would be THE solution.  It's so simple too, I am surprised we are not allowed to use it now.  (I am using FM Pro 11 Advanced.)

            2) If the answer to (1) is "No," then how can we use Authentication on a Web Viewer?  This is important in cases where you have a database that automatically logs in everyone (no ID or PSW required), but yet you want to display PDFs or other content behind a login.  Can we password protect Web Viewers?

            3) If the answer to questions (1) and (2) are "No," then please provide another solution.

            I look forward to your reply.