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    IWP networking question



      IWP networking question


           So, when I open the IWP dialog box the URL that displays starts with a 10.0.1 - which defines my Mac on the local area network. When I use IWP in the LAN, it works fine. But for someone outside the LAN, that would not help. My question is - will just typing in the URL for my location be enough to locate the file? Wouldn't it also have to locate the Mac that FM is running as well?. In other words, how do you combine the location URL with the host computer for someone outside the LAN?


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               You have to set your router to port-forward port 591 to the hosting computer.  So:

               - the remote client looks for your public IP address
               - that public IP reaches your router
               - your routyer forwards the traffic to the internal IP address

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                 Sorbsbuster, thanks for your reply. Changing the port did not change the internal IP address on the IWP dialog box, except by adding :591 as a suffix  to the 10.1.15. I'm wondering if my ISP has a firewall of some sort or if the Apple base staion needs a setting change to allow FM to identify the public IP address.

                 I'm surprised no one else has reported this problem.


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              "Changing the port did not change the internal IP address on the IWP dialog box"

                   I didn't say anything about changing the port.

                   You don't change anything with 'Filemaker'.  The changes are all done at your router.  You need to use the 'port-forwarding' function of your router.  It is sometimes listed under Gaming and Applications.  You need to add an application ('FilemakerIWP', for example), and set it to forward traffic on port 591 to the IP address of your internal computer that hosts the file.