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IWP not starting?

Question asked by jond on Nov 1, 2009
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IWP not starting?


I'm using FMPadv8v2 on MacOSX10.5.8 to build a program for IWP.


I built a simple form and then turned on IWP and it all worked well when accessed using safari on the development computer or from WinXP from another computer on the same network.


Unfortunately the next time I tried to enable IWP on the development computer it failed with error: Instant Web Publishing can not be started?


I checked the knowledge base and found a similar error for FMPro v9 and it suggested to delete the web.prefs file but that did not help.


Taking the program to a Win XP FMPro8.5V2 machine and enabling the IWP worked fine although it did prompt me to change the port due to a conflict on port 80.


Does anyone have any ideas on how to get IWP working again on Mac?