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IWP not working no matter what I try...

Question asked by avallejo on Dec 15, 2013


IWP not working no matter what I try...


     So. I'm trying to use IWP from a DB opened on my MacPro. I've done my homework and searched a lot, so all permissions are set, Sharing properties too, adress set to port 591, which I have forwarded in my ISP's router (connected to a Time Capsule wich works as bridge). DB remains opened, When I type the adress:591 in Safari on a Macbook in the same local network, a blank white page loads. Seems that port forwarding is done right, because if I type the adress without the :591, I get a "Can't find the server"  error page. Been searching and trying things for a few days, but it just won't work.

     Any ideas, please!