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    IWP On Exit



      IWP On Exit


      I have an IWP layout that i need to do a "commit records" to update an address. I'd like to do it with out an additional button. I've set up an on exit script but that is not working in IWP.

      Any Ideas?

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          I'm afraid that you'll need to add that button.

          The only way that you can trip a script trigger in IWP is with another script. user interaction with their web browser won't trip a trigger.

          This is one of the issues corrected with the release of WebDirect with FileMaker Server 13.

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            I had an idea, maybe. The way it works now, is my customer selects their customers name, the commit populates the address.

            I can set up related records and when my customer selects their customers name...(from a value list) can/will/does that trigger it to populate the address in IWP?

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              Only once the data is committed back to the server.