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IWP on iPad: Conflict w/iPad Contacts

Question asked by robcampbell on Sep 23, 2010
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IWP on iPad: Conflict w/iPad Contacts


I recently installed FMP11 and I am experiencing a problem with IWP on my iPad. I have set up a database on my iMac (10.6.4) and activated it for IWP, all (almost) works. When using my iPad and clicking in a text box to add/edit etc. a (non-FMP) pop-up menu appears asking me to choose between add or edit an existing contact. I have no contacts in my database, upon research this seems to be prompted by something in the iPad Contacts App. I do not want to use the iPad Contacts App and would be happy to switch it off entirely, I do not seem able to do this

Please can someone let me know what is going on, I am confused, how do I get rid of this problem? - I have checked IWP on regular Macs and PCs and it works fine, the problem seems to be from ONLY iPad? - HELP!