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    IWP Online form/survey help!



      IWP Online form/survey help!


      Hi, I'm experienced with FM5 but new to FM 10. I need to setup and online form where users will enter in data, submit the data and it will populate (or create a new record) in my FM pro 10 database. I've been through the documentation for Instant Web Publishing but cannot find any area where it talks about forms/surveys


      tks in advance.



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          I am having a similar issue. I have looked everywhere and can't seem to come up with the solution. Please help ASAP!!!

          Thank you so much!


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            You have two distinct tasks here:


            1. Constructing tables and relationships to record survey responses in an effective, normalized structure so that it is easy to analyze results and to modify questions etc. for future surveys.
            2. Constructing an interface that works effectively as part of an FMP database that is published to the web.

            Click the Advanced Search link above and enter "survey" as your search text to find a number of threads here that discuss one or both of these issues.