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IWP onopen

Question asked by dbw3 on Jan 2, 2012
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IWP onopen


I have a members database and I allow access for chapter officers through IWP.   I have assigned account names that equal the unique identifier for each officer.  Using the Get(AccountName) I want to direct the "onopen" script to direct them to their individual record and a specific layout.  I can get them to the correct layout by an if statement script using PrivilegeSet.  Paraphrasing, if privilegeset = AAAA it goes to layout A.  AndIF privilegeset = BBBB it goes to Layout B.

I cannot figure out how to insert the answer to get(accountName) into a find script that searches the unique identifier field.  It is either that or make a special layout for all 15 chapters.  I also thought a statement like Get(AccountName) and AccountName=Identifier might work.

I am struggling with the logic of scripts and need a roadmap, not driving directions.  If I don't figure this out myself, I will never learn it.


My ultimate goal is to restrict chapter officers access so they only see members of their chapter.  Am I overthinking the problem or simply a lost ball in high weeds?