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IWP Portal Issues

Question asked by Thoughta on Jun 24, 2009
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IWP Portal Issues


This is my first time using IWP. Has anyone had this issue and/or knows what to do to get it fixed?


FileMaker Product involved


FM 9 Advanced Server Hosted on (


My System


Mac OS 10.5.7. Safari 4.01 and Firefox


Database Structure


One file with 23 tables in beta testing with no more than 300 records in any table. Created  in FileMakerPro Advanced 9.0 v3


Description of the issue


Portals within tabs display improperly or not at all when viewing through a browser. When viewing through remote, all is identical to working on local hard drive. 


Design / Layout


On Contacts Form View layout (Contacts Table) the design on the right side of the screen includes 6 tabs.  


  1.  Tab 1: Contains: • several fields from contacts table • 3 portals to 3 separate tables (phone, email, web) with 2 rows each.
  2.  Tabs 2 & 3: Both contain fields from contacts table only
  3.  Tabs 4-6 Contains only portals to 3 separate tables (project, logs, notes)  • Only 1 or two portal rows per tab


Expected Result


Portals should behave largely in the same way viewing via browser, remote or local hard drive


Actual Result 


  1. Tab 1 -  Contact table fields and portal information is displayed accurately but the first row of each portal has a dark background making it difficult to read the text
  2. Tabs 2 & 3 - All info from Contacts Table appears the same
  3. Tabs  4-6 - viewing via IWP portals either don't show at all, or the portal outlines appear without displaying any fields.  


Other ancillary issues


None. Remote viewing works as expected, no difficulties with local file prior to uploading

Issue occurs using either Safari or Firefox browser