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    IWP Portal Issues



      IWP Portal Issues


      This is my first time using IWP. Has anyone had this issue and/or knows what to do to get it fixed?


      FileMaker Product involved


      FM 9 Advanced Server Hosted on Triple8.net (888.net)


      My System


      Mac OS 10.5.7. Safari 4.01 and Firefox


      Database Structure


      One file with 23 tables in beta testing with no more than 300 records in any table. Created  in FileMakerPro Advanced 9.0 v3


      Description of the issue


      Portals within tabs display improperly or not at all when viewing through a browser. When viewing through remote, all is identical to working on local hard drive. 


      Design / Layout


      On Contacts Form View layout (Contacts Table) the design on the right side of the screen includes 6 tabs.  


      1.  Tab 1: Contains: • several fields from contacts table • 3 portals to 3 separate tables (phone, email, web) with 2 rows each.
      2.  Tabs 2 & 3: Both contain fields from contacts table only
      3.  Tabs 4-6 Contains only portals to 3 separate tables (project, logs, notes)  • Only 1 or two portal rows per tab


      Expected Result


      Portals should behave largely in the same way viewing via browser, remote or local hard drive


      Actual Result 


      1. Tab 1 -  Contact table fields and portal information is displayed accurately but the first row of each portal has a dark background making it difficult to read the text
      2. Tabs 2 & 3 - All info from Contacts Table appears the same
      3. Tabs  4-6 - viewing via IWP portals either don't show at all, or the portal outlines appear without displaying any fields.  


      Other ancillary issues


      None. Remote viewing works as expected, no difficulties with local file prior to uploading

      Issue occurs using either Safari or Firefox browser 

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          Thank you for your post.


          I have created a file with FileMaker Pro 9 that has the following information:


          Contacts table






          Phone table





          Email table





          Web table





          Relationships are set up based upon "ID" from Contacts to Phone, Contacts to Email, and Contacts to Web.  Each relationship allows creation of records in the Phone, Email and Web tables.


          I entered several records into these tables.


          On the Contacts Layout, I created a Tab control with one tab.  There are three portals into Phone, Email and Web tables of 2 rows each.


          The tab fill was changed from gray to white.  Each portal background fill is white and the pattern is white on white.  No other options are checked.


          When I go into Browse, all information is displayed properly in the portals.


          I turn on Instant Web Publishing, switch to another machine that has Safari 4.0 and Firefox (and OS X 10.5.7).  Under Safari, everything is visible.  In Firefox, everything is visible.


          I then add two extra tabs to the Tab Control entitled "Address" and "CSZ".  I add the Address field from Contacts to the "Address" tab control, and CityStateZip field from Contacts to the "CSZ" tab control.  Everything views fine in FileMaker Pro 9 and with both Safari and Firefox.


          I then placed this file on FileMaker Server 10 Advanced (I cannot find an available FileMaker Server 9 computer).  Both Safari and Firefox display these portals correctly.


          Other than FileMaker Server 9 Advanced, what else should I try?


          If you continue to have difficulty, feel free to send me your database file.  I have sent you a private message (top of this page - right side - X Messages) with instructions where to send the file.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            I received the information about your hosted file.  I'm glad you were able to fix the problem with the dark background.


            I accessed the file via Instant Web Publishing.  Everything looked fine.  I checked the last three tabs, and information was sporadic, so I accessed your file remotely using FileMaker Pro 9.


            Under the tab "AudioLife", you are displaying records from the "AUDIOLIFE" table.  However, I didn't see a value until record #46.  I then switched to record #46 in Instant Web Publishing, and the value is displayed in tab "AudioLife".


            I switched to the fifth tab (Logs) and information is displayed for record #46 and for all preceding records, except the first record.


            I switched to the last tab (Notes) and no information is displayed.  I then checked the NOTES table, and there are zero records, so no information will be displayed in Instant Web Publishing.


            Please let me know if you run into any other difficulties.



            FileMaker, Inc. 

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              I was preparing this reply and while check on something I was going to reference I discovered the functionality of the database had radically changed within the browser. Now the fields are displayed at all times in those last 3 tabs, whether or not a record has been created. I don't know if it were something you or I did, but it's working better. Except:



              1. Tooltips and scripts are not always functioning.
              2. The edit feature on drop-down menus is gone
              3. Fields with drop down menus (Name Prefix and Name Suffix) don't display their value lists
              4. Images, like a magnifying glass I created within FileMaker, don't appear 
              5. One piece of text "Company/Band" (center/left side of window) arbitrarily seems to have moved to the right 
              All is still properly in place when viewed via Remote.
              I assume: 
              1. I need to review all scripts to ensure each checks for IWP? If not, is there certain criteria used so I can know which scripts need a check for IWP?
              2. There's no way to use the edit feature on drop down menus when using IWP? If there is, how would I accomplish that?
              3. I need a primer or "IWP for Dummies" book? If so, is there one or two you'd suggest I turn to first?
              Again, thanks for "holding my hand" through this process, in some ways it's like looking at FileMaker from a whole new perspective.


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                I accidentally moved a field in the Logs tab, but I put it back to where I thought it belonged.  Other than that, I did not make any changes.


                When you go into each script, at the bottom left, there is a pop next to "Show Compatibility".  Select "Web Publishing", and the list above of script steps will show you which steps are web accessible.


                You can check for Instant Web Publishing by using Get (ApplicationVersion) function.  This will return "FileMaker Web Publishing 9.xxx" (assuming you are still using FileMaker Pro 9).


                In Instant Web Publishing, you cannot add a value to value list.  Instead, create a value list based upon the values in another table.  Next to the value list field, put a button that executes a script to take you to another layout, add a record/value, and return you to the original layout.


                I don't know why fields are not displaying the value lists.  Which fields?


                "Company/Band" is showing properly on my machine (Mac OS X 10.5.7 - Safari 4.0).  I believe you are using Verdana font, so make sure the other computers have Verdana installed.  Otherwise, the browser will do its best to approximate the font.


                The magnifying glass icons (two of them) are displayed in the Contacts layout.  Is there another layout where this is not occurring?


                I'm not aware of a Instant Web Publishing tutorial.  Doing a quick search on the internet for: "Instant Web Publishing" FileMaker

                ...returned as the first result:



                Use your favorite browser search engine to search for other tutorials. 



                FileMaker, Inc. 

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                  Whatever you touched it seemed to fix the first major issue, so thank you - even if you didn't know you were doing it.


                  When I go into each script, at the bottom left, there is a checkbox next to "Indicate Web Compatibility". When checked it shows grayed script steps for those that won't function. Is there any way to add to the help items included with IWP? It doesn't appear IWP supports custom menus. 


                  Fields that were not displaying value lists were: "Name Prefix" and "Name Suffix" Of course, now they are working, even though I didn't touch them. There's some sort of pattern to this "now they don't work, now they do." Could you take an educated guess what it is and why? 


                  Company/Band is still not in its proper place on my browser. There are 4 sections on the left side of the window - starting a bit less than 3 inches from the top of the database's menu bar: Name, Company/Band, Categories &, Notes. All but Company/Band are directly to the right of a small round image. Company/Band sits directly to the right of that image viewing via Remote, just not in IWP


                  The magnifying glasses that are missing are supposed to be grouped with those same 4 section titles. I believe I learned why they don't appear: IWP can't handle round or oval items unless they're created outside FileMaker and inserted as images (preferably GIFs.) I gleaned this info from: FileMaker 9, Instant Web Publishing Guide (http://www.filemaker.com/downloads/pdf/fm9_instant_web_publish_en.pdf.)


                  I've no idea how you keep up with all the features, versions, et al but thank you for your knowledge. I found out about Fx.PHP today and think I'll have to go in that direction to get the same kind of control I have via local and remote. If you know of other ways I'd appreciate your input.






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                    Unfortunately, taking a guess is just that.  An "educated" guess seems like an oxymoron, but I have experienced this kind of behavior once before, and it was either caused by low memory, corrupt memory, and/or corrupt cache from the browser.  These inconsistent behaviors are always difficult to diagnose, so I think the analogy of "Let sleeping dogs lie" now comes into place.  That is, if it is working now, don't touch anything.  However, if this happened once, it may happen again, and we're back to where we were.


                    Which browser are you using?  Is the browser running from Mac?  Windows?  What version of the OS?  I'll try it from my side here.  With Safari 4.0 on Mac OS 10.5.7, all four sections are lined up perfectly.


                    Yes, Instant Web Publishing does not support Custom Menus.  However, as you have discovered, you can hide the Status area and add buttons to your layout so that the user doesn't need to see any menus.


                    Custom Web Publishing with either PHP or XML will require more time than Instant Web Publishing, but it definitely gives you more control.


                    Keeping up with all the features and versions can be difficult.  Most of the learning comes from constant use and trying things out.  Most importantly, I have learned a lot from Developers on this forum, since they use it every day to make a living, and they have been extremely gracious with their time on the forum helping other customers like yourself.  I am very thankful for their presence.


                    Please let me know if you run into any other difficulties.



                    FileMaker, Inc.