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    IWP Privilege set



      IWP Privilege set


      I had someone else set up my IWP a year and a half ago. This is the 1st time i have a chance to learn more about the set up.

      I have a IWP script that will not go to a layout. I can set it to go to other layouts but not this one.I want to delete the "General_User" privilege set.

      I think i know all of the scripts that use it, but i can't see how or where FM assigns a log on customer that privilege set.  I have 2empower tool box and i searched all of my scripts for "general_user".

      How or Where is a privilege set, set for a IWP customer that log on?

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          Privilege sets are defined in Manage | Security.

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            This is my question.

            There isn't anyone assigned like i have my others assigned. Those make sense to me.

            Does FM automatically assign that "general_user" to/as any IWP log on?

            By deleting the old one and creating a new one - will FM recognize my new one as the IWP log on?

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              I can't tell from here. Do you have a script that runs "OnFirstWindowOpen"?

              Is there a part that identifies web users and uses re-login to grant them access?

              a lot of times the "guest" account is used for web clients, but I can't see from here how the DB is opened for IWP clients. But then IWP is no longer supported in FileMaker and I'm looking at FileMaker 13, so there may be an additional designation no longer used in my version.

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                I do have a script that executes "onfirstwindowopen". but it says, if "getaccountsetprivilegename" then... 

                The account is blank. I've emailed the person who set it up and have not heard back yet. I was hoping there was a more standard way to identify it.

                I ran my 2empower finder again looking for USER but did not find one that assigns privileges.

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                  If my script will go to other layouts, but not the one i need it to, it has to be a privilege issue correct?

                  I changed all of the permissions in the current general user to create, edit, delete... in the records and all modifiable in layouts, value lists, and scripts.   It still will not go to that layout.