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    IWP random crash when executing a script



      IWP random crash when executing a script


      I have a big issue with this.

      Problem is that I run a solution with IWP, in which when you load it it takes you to a certain layout and perfoms an script which filters records and shows the first one. Let's say this is the "Open layout" script. That's OK. This script is 100% compatible with IWP and it performs fine if I manually trigger it or when I first open the database.

      When you click on a button it opens a virtual window to enter data. When you clic on a "Cancel" button, it perfoms an script (lets call it "Cancel" script) with these steps: Close the window and perform the "Open layout" to take you back to the first record. The problem is that, when I activate this last script step, IWP crashes. Sometimes it doesn't react, sometimes it shows a blank page, and I have to restart filemaker in order to make it work. when I close the solution, it says I have to "ask" the clients to close the session, and when I do it, it says clients with IWP will close its session automatically, but that actually doesn't happen. It keeps saying I have to ask for closing the session forever. The only way to stop it is force quitting, so it seems it has some process in the background wich seems to prevent to close the database.

      The most interesting part is that, when I enable the Perform "Open layout" script in the "Cancel" script, but with all its script steps disabled (that is, it actually does nothing) problem persists!

      Appart from that, if I lose connection, when I try to connect to the IP address after this problem, it says server is busy.

      Any help will be really welcome!!

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          Do you have a script trigger enabled for this layout?

          Even though IWP users cannot trip a script trigger directly. Your script can trip the trigger if does what ever action the trigger is desiged to respond to. I think you have a infinite loop that takes place by a trigger getting tripped over and over again.

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            First of all, thank you for your help! Actually I have one, which I think I can disable, and I'll try to. But anyway it's just an onload script trigger, which is not fired in IWP. Moreover, I'm using the "new (virtual) window/close window" approach, so this trigger souldn't be fired, right? What I've tried is copy all script steps of "open layout" in the "Cancel" script, which brings me organizational problems, but so far seems to work. Any ideas?
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              The user can't trip the trigger, but a script can. The OnRecordLoad script trigger will be fired in IWP if your script uses go to layout, go to record, perform's a find......

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                Thank you for your reply!

                I tried to disable all script triggers, and it seems it worked but same problem came up again. I also tried to copy all script steps in the "Open layout" script into the "Cancel" script, and it seems it randomly happens the same.

                I looked into the logs and I can see an Error 400 at the time I get the error. Any attempt to make it work again is futile, appart from closing and reopening the database.

                This is the log I got for today:

                2012-03-01 15:56:31 +0100 FM Web Publishing - - wpc1 FileMaker Server Web Publishing Engine started.
                2012-03-01 17:49:26 +0100 FM Web Publishing - - wpc1 Error: 400

                I'm using in the host machine an iMac with the latest versions of Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 (11.0v4) and Lion 10.7.3, and in the client machine I'm running Firefox 3.6.13 under Windoxs XP SP2. May it have to do with the outdated version of the browser and OS? I don't think so because I'm trying now to access through a Safari 5 on Mac OSX 10.6.8, and it keeps saying that the server is busy, so it is not responding.

                I really don't have a clue of that might be happening. Any help would be really welcome.

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                  Does your script perform a find? Looking up error codes in help reveals that 400 means "find criteria are empty".

                  Don't know if that's the issue here or not, but you may want to review your scripts and see if there is any way they might be performing a find with no criteria specified.