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IWP Random Unexpected Behaviour / Tabbed Layouts

Question asked by gordonkil on Jun 20, 2013
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IWP Random Unexpected Behaviour / Tabbed Layouts


     I have an FMP12 database which is fully IWP optimised (ie no incompatible script steps) where many different users log in over the web to place orders. The system works well but every now and again a user reports that they are viewing the records of another user. Each user has a record in the User table and should only see only records relating to their user record.

     This seems to happen randomly, ie at different points in the system, and is clearly unwanted behaviour.

     As I said there is nothing in my scripts that could cause this, so I have to assume there is an inbuilt problem with IWP. I have read that tabbed layouts can cause issues in IWP but cannot find reliable information about this anywhere. Some of my layouts do have tabs on them but I'd prefer to avoid redesigning if possible, so can anyone point to any reliable/detailed info about this issue and whether FileMaker is addressing this?

     I'm running Server Advanced I'm aware there is a 12.0.4 upgrade but there is no mention of any IWP fixes in this.