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IWP related table data disappearing in form view and list view

Question asked by NoonPokarat on Sep 1, 2010
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IWP related table data disappearing in form view and list view


I'm using the the Invoices solution and have the following problem when I access the database through IWP. (Admin full access)

In the Customer section, I have added a field to display Sponsor ID and Name and Last Name, which shows data from another existing record. E.g. Customer ID 100 Name x Last Name y record also shows Sponsor ID 105 and Name and Last Name correpsonding to the record of Customer ID 105. I set this up throug relationship. 

The relationship graph is like this:

Sponsor ID Field in Customer Table --> Customer ID Field in Customer_sponsor(another occurance of Customer Table)

The Sponsor ID field is set as pop-up menu to display value from the Cutomer_sponsor table upon selecting the option from the pop-up.

There are 2 fields in the form that will show the First Name nad Last Name of the Sponsor, which will be filled in once the ID is selected from the pop-up.

In IWP, when adding new record, upon submitting, the Sponsor ID field data simply disappears the Name and Last Name fields related to this do not show anything. Same when trying to edit the field. The existing records that were entered throug the program show up correctly no problem.

The problem only occurs in Form View and List View. When I go directly to the Table and select Sponsor ID, the data in the Name and Last Name show up as normal after Submit.

How do I fix the problem in the Form View? Since the relationship work fine in Table View, why would it not save the data when entered through Form View??

I have related tables in other layout (invoices, for example.) and that layout does not have this problem at all.

Thank you all that can help me with this problem!!