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IWP screen refresh or "blink"

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Jul 13, 2015
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IWP screen refresh or "blink"


I'm running Pro 12.

In IWP, when i enter a layout and click on any of the fields the screen looks like it literally closes and opens again.

It may be doing a refresh, or something else, but that is what it looks like.

I enter each layout via a script. At the close of the script i commit records - that is did not help the blink.

It does it in all browsers except for Fire Fox.

It only does it on the first field i click on. It does it on any field. It does not do it on a button... so if i hit a button that brings up a window, i select something from that window... after that it blinks when i go to a field and click my cursor on it.

After it "blinks" i can then select any field after that and it wont do it.


Any ideas???