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IWP Security

Question asked by DPIT on Nov 15, 2010


IWP Security


Hello Everyone!

I am really new to FMP and am building a IWP database. There area  few things I would like to accomplish on my database. I have no idea as to what information you need from me, so I figured I would just tell you what I want to accomplish and then let you ask for further information.

1) I want have people create user accounts within my solution. IE After entering the DB automatically as a guest the first layout they would come to would be built with the purpose of allowing them to create a user name and password, either that or I would need to add something to my website for my users to create their user name and password, and then somehow gather, and use the information for log in.

2) I want the ability to see who is in my database, and when. Track them to an extent and see which records get accessed the most.

3) Above all I want security. 

You can probably tell even by writing this that I am not what you call an experienced developer. But I Love learning. I don't need anyone to spell out all the steps, I just need a place to learn how to do all this. Just point me to a book or a video that I can learn about IWP security, user accounts and privileges. 

Okay, if there is anything else you need from me, just let me know!