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IWP sort script truncation

Question asked by gsainc on Mar 2, 2009
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IWP sort script truncation


I have a very simple sort script set to sort a list view database. This works great in the standeard non-shared solution however when I open the solution via IWP the sort script truncates my list. I am sure that sorting can be done with IWP but something is going wrong here.


This is a sample script - this is used in list view on the table "Advetisments"


If [ Advetisments::sort ≠ "dueup" ]
Set Field [ Advetisments::sort; "dueup" ]
Sort Records [ Specified Sort Order: Advetisments::due_date; ascending ][ Restore; No dialog ]
Exit Script [ ]
End If
If [ Advetisments::sort ≠ "duedn" ]
Set Field [ Advetisments::sort; "duedn" ]
Sort Records [ Specified Sort Order: Advetisments::due_date; descending ][ Restore; No dialog ]
Exit Script [ ]
End If