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IWP Storing Image as Reference

Question asked by tcarpenter on Mar 3, 2011
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IWP Storing Image as Reference


Hi All:

Really need help here.  I have an IWP solution and the end users need to be able to print the images on the layout.

I've placed the images in the Filemaker Server Web Publishing/IWP server, launced the Filemaker desktop app on the server and inserted the pictures as references.  But now when you view the image it appears as an "X" and also appears as an "X" when printing.

What is the probelm?  Do you have to use cotainer field? I only ask because all of the other posts on here about images and IWP involve container fields only.  I'm inserting the image directly into the header.

One thing I did notice is that when I right click on the "X" in IWP and select properties.  The URL listed for the image reads "Publishing" for the name of the folder when the actual name of the Filemaker Servier folder is "Web Publishing".  Would this cause the problem?  If so how would I fix that?  I'm using the app to manually insert the image so the location is generated by the system.