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Question asked by carlz_1 on Sep 25, 2009
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IWP Submit


I have an application that uses 3 tables, 1 is Case, 2 is Data Entry Form and 3 is stock pricing.


I have a Layout based on Case with a portal from the Data Entry Table.  There are several fields on this portal, No. Shares and symbol for the stock are entered and the high, low, open and close pricing fields in Data Entry are calculation fields that are to call up the values from the Stock table.  The stock table has date, symbol, high. low, open and close as its fields.


Thus on the portal I wish to have a user enter the number of shares and the symbol for a particular date and have the program grab the pricing from the securities table.


It works fine in Filemaker but does not work on the Web.  What might I be doing wrong?  What is the proper ENTER button for the Web?


Right now IU have a button that does a refresh screen and commit records but it does not work.


I am using FM Server Advanced 10 with IWP.


Thank you.