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IWP transportation

Question asked by BobMitchell on Sep 22, 2010


IWP transportation


I need to link from a web page to a hosted IWP database (guest only logon so it's automatically logged on) and return when finished. Hosting is by FMP11

The problem is how to I transfer back to the origonal web page when finished with the FMP data? Scripting a button to a url does it, but leaves the FMP page open in the browser tab. I want to have FMP automatically close and log out, or at least close out the browser page. Setting the logout time to a minute will acomplish the latter if need be, but sure isn't very graceful. A popup page from the origonal will facilitate to and from, but requires user intervention to allow scripting, and that's not accecptable.

All help appreciated! I'm new to FMP.