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    IWP trying to connect on the web and cant connect



      IWP trying to connect on the web and cant connect


           I'm using fmpro 11, i'm publishing my data base with iwp,  when im on my internat internet network, i have no problem using the to reach my database, but if im at the office and try this adress i cant see the page, my home computer is connected to a netgear router, i ty many option, port fowarding, port trigering ... both ftp and http, i even try changing the port to 591 and still cant access from a different outside computer on the web, i'm very confuse with the port forwarding, dns, port trigering and also dmz server ....  anyone can help on this,  thank you

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               Make sure that your internet-modem which connects to the internet (and the netgear router) does not block the incoming requests and forwards to either your netgear router or your database-computer depending on your setup. Please note: that modem might have a different IP address than the one you mentioned. The setup software of your modem should tell you which IP address it uses. That will be the address for your browser at work. 

               I would expect that if you instruct your modem to forward to the IP address and port combination that FileMaker mentions, you should be able to connect to your database. Although I have also seen combinations where the modem should redirect to the router which then redirects to the database-computer. 

               Anyway, this mght be the issue as the internal accessing does work. Good luck! smiley