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IWP User Makes Change, Main DB Sort Fails

Question asked by k2qo_1 on Jul 11, 2009
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IWP User Makes Change, Main DB Sort Fails


Hi Gang,


Here's my setup and problem.



FM10 Pro on iMac G5 with IWP running a small 1700 record DB behind TWC modem and Airport Extreme.

Remote users on Verizon FiOS in the field running Intel iMacs/Safari to access the DB.

All computers running newest OS X, etc. 



When a remote user either adds a new record or modifies a record that was created on the G5, that record shows up at the beginning of every search. To be more specific, these records are contacts with names, addresses, phone numbers, sent catalog dates, other notes, etc. If an Intel Mac user changes the Sam Smith record by adding a note about a phone call, that record does not sort in order on any computer regardless of the fact that users are asking Last Name ascending. The two other Smith's show up as records 1300 and 1301 but the one that was just modified is Number 1. It will NOT move to position 1302. Every few days I end up another 10 records "out of order". The only way I've found to "fix" the problem is for me to delete the records on the G5 and re-enter them. What a pain!


Any ideas?




Clarence, NY